Reflex Games

Are you the faster finger in the west? Challenge friends to tests of speed and reflexes. Sign in or register to save your Hi-scores and compete against others.

Select one of the free games to play. Play for fun, or high scores. Get a high score in each game to compete for the title of reflex champion!

Roll of Honour
Game 1 - Colour Twitchzetahulk
Game 2 - BuzzyHans1337
Game 3 - Speed Clicksrichie lehan
Game 4 - Box CheckValiante
Game 5 - Reaction Buttonsemrola
Game 6 - Lights Outabc446
Game 7 - Stop ClockDigime
Game 8 - PhongHans1337
Game 9 - EyeQchavers20
Game 10 - SnakeTheLime1212
Game 11 - Breakoutguest
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image3 image4 image3 phong
image3 image4 image3 phong

Register now to check how your reflexes compare against the rest of the world. Current reflex ranking is based on Game 1: Colour Twitch.


Game 1 - Colour Twitch

Test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination with the colour challenge. See how quickly you can respond to the changing colour. Can you get yourself onto the high score table?


Game 2 - Buzzy

How many grid squares can you click in 30 seconds? Fast finger clicking fun, but those misses count against you!


Game 3 - Speed Clicks

Test your finger clicking speed, how many mouse clicks can you record within 10 seconds, don't break your mouse though!


Game 4 - Box Check

How many check boxes can u click in 20 seconds? Click fast but accurate!


Game 5 - Reaction Button

Similar to the colour challenge, only this time there are 5 reaction test and your average score from all tests is recorded - no time for luck here!


Game 6 - Lights Out

Turn off all the lights using as few as clicks as possible. Five levels of difficulty. Can you master level 5?


Game 7 - Stop Clock

Can you hold your nerve, stop the clock as close as possible to 500!


Game 8 - Phong

Javascript Pong - Can you beat the hardest computer opponent on the net? Requires, extreme reflexes and deadly accuracy!s


Game 9 - EyeQ

Are your eyes as quick as your fingers? Can you count the dots before the time runs out? Improve your mental reflexes with this quick fire game.


Game 10 - Snake

Classic Snake - Select the speed you want to play at then use the cursor keys to move the snake. Three different speed levels.


Game 11 - Breakout

How quickly can you clear the bricks? Try it at higher speeds for faster times, but can you handle the speed!


Game 12 - Tetris

Classic Tetris, position those blocks to get a high score. Increasing levels of difficulty.